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Privacy Policy

Here at Drake’s Product Reviews, we usually do not ask or request information from our readers both personal or general information. Most interaction is done through commenting (which we welcome and love).

In the rare occurrence that we ever come across any of our reader’s information, we will never share, distribute, or sell any sensitive or potentially sensitive information with anyone for any reason.

The bottom line, we take your privacy seriously!

Terms Of Use

All reviews written by me, or guest reviews, are 100% of our opinion and it’s sole purpose is to share them with others. By default we are not affiliated with any of the company’s of the products that we review.

Readers may socially share the content that is published on this website, but may not copy nor plagiarize any content within this website without the consent of the author (me).

For the best sharing practice, to share any of the reviews, you may link to the respective post(s) desired.

Thank you and enjoy!