Philosophy Purity Facial Cleanser Review

Philosophy comes with a variety of amazing products that most people are aware of such as their body lotions and their sensational scented body washes. But this product was a game changer for me the moment I tried it. I’ve heard a lot of hype about this particular product all over the web, youtube, friends, and social media alike. I don’t like following the hype thats why it took me some time to actually get my hands on it and try it out for myself.

A little background on my skin, I have combination to oily skin. I can get dry at certain times of the year but it all depends. I know my skin is so confused.

Philosophy Purity Review

Purity is a great cleanser for many skin types. Because its a fragrance free product its even better for sensitive skin types. This one step facial cleanser basically does it all which is the main reason why I wanted to try it. It is supposed to remove makeup buildup, deep clean pores, and condition skin leaving your face feeling clean but not dry. Pure almost! Ive been using it for two months now and I really am loving my experience. This is the perfect cleanser for morning and and night. Its creamy, no scrubs at all. I can use this cleanser with a full face of makeup and it does a great job. I cant really say much about waterproof makeup because I refuse to use waterproof makeup. ( I just don’t like dealing with the hassle of taking it off!) But I do wear makeup five days a week and it really helps to clean my face thoroughly after a long day. Yay! I don’t use tens upon thousands of products to remove my makeup anymore. Just this! I may wash my face once or sometimes twice with this but thats all that I need now.

Philosophy Purity Review

I’ve had great results with this product. I’d recommend it to anyone looking for this type of one step facial cleansing and I will continue to use this product in the future. Have you tried this product? Is there anything you think id better or something out there that is similar? Hmm…I wonder what size is their largest bottle???

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