Not Another iPhone 7 Plus Review

I know what you’re thinking.

“Another review on another iPhone product? Really?”

Don’t get your underwear in a bunch just yet. I want to give you the low down on this new Apple iPhone and give you my honest opinion on it. I was hesitant on upgrading to the 7 from the 6 but a carpet cleaning service employee told me it was great. So I got it. Now, here’s what I think about it… Great?

There’s always going to be new phones and new brands, but why should you even consider the Apple iPhone 7 Plus? It might be so totally awesome that they blow up (only figuratively) or might be so overinflated that it sucks the life out of you before you even hold it in your hands. Well keep reading and find out.

So obviously they don’t blow up. That’s a different phone, but I’m not naming any names. But let’s go over this phone can offer you as a consumer. First of all and probably the biggest anticipated ordeal is the dual camera set up. It’s not exactly brand new functionality in a phone, but it sure is for iPhone users. The overall camera improvements are definitely a huge step up from what iPhone users are used to. The Battery life has been extended by five percent. Thank you Apple, I guess. Considering we had to give up the headphone jack for this extra five percent of battery life, I guess it’s worth it.

Honest iPhone 7 Plus Review

Some may look at losing the headphone jack as a huge downplay, though. You can no longer charge and listen to your phone at the same time unless you purchase expensive AirPods. On a good note, though, the iPhone 7 Plus comes with everything you’ll need, such as the lightning USB cable, 5w USB power adapter, headphone jack adapter, and EarPods with a lightening connector. Another thing these new phones offer is an option for more basic storage space. 256GB which should have been offered ages ago because 16GB is ridiculous.

Now on to my opinion. For current iPhone users, this is an awesome upgrade. As for the headphone jack, that could be either revolutionary or a huge mistake. We will just have to wait and see. Some people won’t mind and some may think its too cumbersome to listen and charge your phone at the same time. Or you will have to purchase extra gadgets to do the accomplish the same things.

For other people that could possibly think about switching, maybe wait a little while. Think about it. There’s a rumor that Apple is looking to totally redesign for their 10 year anniversary and that will be in 2017, also when the Apple iPhone 8 should release. So just a heads up guys!

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