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Tech Armor has been coming up with some amazing products for all types of iPhones, tablets, and  iPads. Usually with great protection and shock absorption. Their glass is superior but very affordable. We all know that one person that has butterfingers, shatters their devises’ screens and continues to use them. If you don’t know someone like that…I’m sorry to say, its probably you. Good thing for you, this product was made for you.

I am talking specifically about Tech Armor’s Edge to Edge Ballistic Glass. Let me explain why this glass protector is different from the rest. If you’ve bought glass screen protectors before you will understand when I say they suck. The edges don’t completely cover the whole front of the phone. It kind of leaves a  pretty large space all around the edges that make it look aesthetically unappealing. I had originally bought the gold colored iPhone 6 Plus and the front of the screen has white edges. So I bought this item because of its claim that it covers literally edge to edge. I think the only thing to keep in mind is the glass is a little thick (hello superior protection!) so certain phone cases may or may not be able to effectively wrap around the front. I haven’t had this problem though. I have a clear case that after I pop the case right around all the edges of the glass it pretty much stays put.

Tech Armor iPhone 6 Plus Edge To Edge Ballistic Glass Review

This is product is absolutely a life saver. I’ve dropped my phone multiple times, so much that I can’t recall. The most I’ve seen happen (which is one time since i’ve had it for almost over a year now) is the glass will crack. The glass will take the break, instead of it being your phone screen. Which is awesome! Another great feature this product entails is once you buy it, its guaranteed for life. If the glass should crack or shatter, go back to the company and provide them with a few order information and they will send you a new one in the mail. Its so simple its stupid. I’ve requested a new one already. The process was quick and easy.

So this product I have to say is well worth the money. When I first purchased it, it was a whopping $40.00. Luckily for you, I just checked the price and it only cost a beautiful $10.00 on Amazon. They have all variations from clear, to black edges, to white edges. Believe me when I say this product is worth the money. Thanks Tech Armor for this awesome product! Remember now people, shattered screens are not sexy. Get yourself some Ballistic Glass Protection from Tech Armor.

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