CROC Me Nots – Bella Fire

These are Croc brand women working shoes named “Alice”. They sound classy, don’t they? These shoes were made to meet the requirements and standards for most working places which is closed heel and toe. These are non-slip and the material is made so that its very simple to clean. The rivets or bumps on the inside are there to massage and make your footsies feel at bliss. This shoe supports the arch in your feet and is basically everything you ever wanted for about $40.00. I looked into this product quite a bit before I bought it but I guess I didn’t look deep enough.

I thought it would have been perfect for my job at a restaurant because I do a lot of walking and I thought the support would be greatly appreciated. Aesthetically it looked really cute and I also loved the fact that it’s easy to clean.I usually bought shoes that had material and you can’t really clean that so easily. I thought these shoes were going to be my lucky charm.

When I received it in the mail I was really excited! I finally had shoes that would make my hard working day just a little bit nicer! I was shot down shortly after when to my surprise the size I usually order for covered shoes, (size 7) was absolutely too big for me. I was very surprised. It wasn’t just a little bit big, it was so big it was flopping around and if I walked a certain way I could possibly trip over myself. I had to return it and wait another few weeks before getting my shoes.

Alice Croc Review

Received it again. Finally. I wore them to work for about two weeks now. I don’t think I can fully explain how much pain my feet were in. I had stuck it out for two weeks, lying to myself saying that I had to break them in. It never felt any better as each day went by. I sadly bought a regular pair of shoes and my feet literally had to recover for about another two weeks.

I had put them aside for months until I was forced to use them again. I had forgotten my shoes in my vehicle when I was getting it repaired. I had no time to buy shoes and no other choice but to use these pair of bricks called shoes.

I wore them for three grueling days and even my coworkers noticed my agony. I had hoped this time around it would be different but geez it was almost worse! I had to take three days off because my feet were so sensitive and in pain that each step hurt that bad.

Just a warning! Don’t trust me, try it for yourself. Don’t believe all the hype. Sadly, some things are just smoke and mirrors.

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