It’s a 10, Literally

I know what your thinking…This is just another hair product that claims this and that and cost a fortune, I know. What if I said it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg and it does wonders for your hair? This company provides products that are amazing for your hair with natural nutrients and proteins like keratin that help our hair to stay strong and healthy. Almost like food for your hair! You wouldn’t feed your children nothing but junks right? You want to nourish their bodies to help them grow up nice and strong! This is exactly what that is. 

Before I rant about its gloriousness let me explain what it does. This miracle oil plus keratin is meant to be added into towel dried hair, or dry hair. If you don’t already know keratin is a protein that protects the cells in our hair from the stress and damage we put it through on a daily basis. Its very light weight and not greasy at all. Believe me when I say a little goes a long way so a few drops should be enough. It heals, protects from damage, great for colored hair, adds shine, and even de frizzes.

This particular product intrigues me very much. This is meant to be used before or after styling. (I prefer before and after.) For example for curling, put a little on before styling, concentrating on the ends. Style and curl as desired. After your all done I like to put just a little bit on again to add just a little bit of shine and health back into my hair.

I use this everyday on dry hair, styled or not. It never fails to surprise me. This is my hair’s pick-me-up! Just try it and see for yourself why I’m so in love with this product.

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