Not Another iPhone 7 Plus Review

I know what you’re thinking.

“Another review on another iPhone product? Really?”

Don’t get your underwear in a bunch just yet. I want to give you the low down on this new Apple iPhone and give you my honest opinion on it. I was hesitant on upgrading to the 7 from the 6 but a carpet cleaning service employee told me it was great. So I got it. Now, here’s what I think about it… Great?

There’s always going to be new phones and new brands, but why should you even consider the Apple iPhone 7 Plus? It might be so totally awesome that they blow up (only figuratively) or might be so overinflated that it sucks the life out of you before you even hold it in your hands. Well keep reading and find out. Read more…

Shattered Screens: The New In Thing? – Ricko Rebel

Tech Armor has been coming up with some amazing products for all types of iPhones, tablets, and  iPads. Usually with great protection and shock absorption. Their glass is superior but very affordable. We all know that one person that has butterfingers, shatters their devises’ screens and continues to use them. If you don’t know someone like that…I’m sorry to say, its probably you. Good thing for you, this product was made for you.

I am talking specifically about Tech Armor’s Edge to Edge Ballistic Glass. Let me explain why this glass protector is different from the rest. If you’ve bought glass screen protectors before you will understand when I say they suck. The edges don’t completely cover the whole front of the phone. It kind of leaves a  pretty large space all around the edges that make it look aesthetically unappealing. I had originally bought the gold colored iPhone 6 Plus and the front of the screen has white edges. So I bought this item because of its claim that it covers literally edge to edge. I think the only thing to keep in mind is the glass is a little thick (hello superior protection!) so certain phone cases may or may not be able to effectively wrap around the front. I haven’t had this problem though. I have a clear case that after I pop the case right around all the edges of the glass it pretty much stays put.

Tech Armor iPhone 6 Plus Edge To Edge Ballistic Glass Review Read more…

CROC Me Nots – Bella Fire

These are Croc brand women working shoes named “Alice”. They sound classy, don’t they? These shoes were made to meet the requirements and standards for most working places which is closed heel and toe. These are non-slip and the material is made so that its very simple to clean. The rivets or bumps on the inside are there to massage and make your footsies feel at bliss. This shoe supports the arch in your feet and is basically everything you ever wanted for about $40.00. I looked into this product quite a bit before I bought it but I guess I didn’t look deep enough.

I thought it would have been perfect for my job at a restaurant because I do a lot of walking and I thought the support would be greatly appreciated. Aesthetically it looked really cute and I also loved the fact that it’s easy to clean.I usually bought shoes that had material and you can’t really clean that so easily. I thought these shoes were going to be my lucky charm. Read more…

It’s a 10, Literally

I know what your thinking…This is just another hair product that claims this and that and cost a fortune, I know. What if I said it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg and it does wonders for your hair? This company provides products that are amazing for your hair with natural nutrients and proteins like keratin that help our hair to stay strong and healthy. Almost like food for your hair! You wouldn’t feed your children nothing but junks right? You want to nourish their bodies to help them grow up nice and strong! This is exactly what that is.  Read more…

Philosophy Purity Facial Cleanser Review

Philosophy comes with a variety of amazing products that most people are aware of such as their body lotions and their sensational scented body washes. But this product was a game changer for me the moment I tried it. I’ve heard a lot of hype about this particular product all over the web, youtube, friends, and social media alike. I don’t like following the hype thats why it took me some time to actually get my hands on it and try it out for myself.

A little background on my skin, I have combination to oily skin. I can get dry at certain times of the year but it all depends. I know my skin is so confused.

Philosophy Purity Review

Purity is a great cleanser for Read more…